How Microsoft should improve Windows Phone 7 People Hub

Being one of the first users to buy a Windows Phone 7 device, after three months of daily use I would like to share some ideas of mine about possible improvements to Microsoft latest mobile OS.

The peculiarities of WP7 are the minimalistic Metro interface and the hub-centric philosophy opposed to app-centric one of Apple iOS and Google Android.

In this post I want to talk about People Hub. People Hub is WP7 place where to collect contact information gathered from different sources (Windows Live, Google or Facebook). Informations for the same person coming from different sources are seamlessy integrated thanks to the link function. Selecting a person you open his profile where you find a bunch of contact options (call mobile phone, call home, write an email, go to web site, write on Facebook wall, etc.). Sliding the screen you access the news section where you can find news from Windows Live, Facebook or LinkedIn (via Windows Live).

People hub is a good concept but it lacks something to be really great.

1) WP7 needs Windows Live Messenger.
I want to see the online status of my contacts in the profile section.
I want to contact a person directly from people hub.
I want push notification for incoming messages (only if I set my status as online).
I want multiple access point and Facebook chat integration as in the desktop client.

2) WP7 needs all interaction channels in news section of people hub.
In the same way the profile section let you contact a person via phone, text message, email or Facebook all these channels should be in news section.
I want to find in the news section all the conversations (calls, text messages and email) together with Facebook news.
When pinning a contact to Start I want an overlay number showing any updates in the news for that person.

3) WP7 needs Twitter integration.
In the same way as Facebook, Twitter has to be integrated into WP7 people hub.
“Tweet to” and “direct message” should be in the profile section.
People tweets should appear into the news section.

4) Improvements to Facebook integration
In profile section there should be “Send a Facebook message” in addition to write on the wall.
In my own news section Facebook messages and notifications should appear.
There should be a way to link my own profile to a name in the contact list.
I want to read Facebook news in the same way I read mail: immediately. I do not want the news to populate on need, I want it to schedule checkings and cache the news. In this way I would always have some news (even if not the latest) even with no signal.

There are other possible improvements to WP7 but I’m convinced that Microsoft definitely has to push forward WP7 peculiarities that are unique to this system before others fill the gap.

Update: Windows Phone 7.5: is someone at Microsoft reading this blog?

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